Shared Responsibilities and Mid-Semester Evaluation

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Academic Senate
David W. Benson, President
Issue Date
Wednesday, April 30, 1986
Current Issue Date
Tuesday, August 18, 1998
Effective Date
Wednesday, April 30, 1986
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Vice President
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-- This policy is currently under review --

An important function of the classroom experience is clear communication between faculty and student. In order to accomplish this most effectively, certain responsibilities must be shared.

A commitment exists on the part of instructors and students to fulfill their respective roles as teachers and learners based upon the schedule established at the conclusion of the Period to Change Schedules.

Student responsibilities involve not missing classes except for valid reasons, such as illness, accident, or participation in officially approved university activities. When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to inform the instructor of the reason for the absence and to arrange to make up missed assignments and class work insofar as this is possible. Students should realize that even though the reasons for absence may be valid, such absences can impair performance and result in a lower grade.

Faculty responsibilities, in addition to meeting classes as scheduled, involve being regularly available to students for advice and consultation during the office hours which each faculty member is required to establish and post at the beginning of each semester.

Finally, as part of the effort to maintain clear communication:

  1. It is the policy of the faculty of Sonoma State University that all faculty provide students whose performance is unsatisfactory with an evaluation at mid-semester.

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