Rugs and Carpets: Employee-Owned

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Business Affairs/Plant Operations
Ruben Armiñana, President
Issue Date
Tuesday, January 27, 1987
Current Issue Date
Tuesday, December 1, 1998
Effective Date
Tuesday, December 1, 1998
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Facilities Services
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It is the policy of Sonoma State University to permit employees to install their own rugs and carpets in their offices, subject to these guidelines:

  1. Rugs or carpets must be easily movable--that is, not permanently attached to the floor. Their placement must not require modifications of doors, cabinets, baseboards or other permanently installed features. Exceptions will be granted for cutting off bottoms of doors if employees arrange to purchase the doors prior to cutting. Removal or transfer of carpets must be accomplished by owners or at owner's expense.
  2. Employees who install their own carpets are responsible for cleaning and laundering. Custodians are not required to perform such duties, but they may assist in general cleanup, such as occasional vacuuming, provided that fixtures and materials permit normal cleaning procedures. Custodians are not required to move area rugs to clean or wax under them, nor will they vacuum rugs that are difficult to vacuum--for example, light scatter rugs and pieces of carpet.
  3. Under certain conditions and with prior approval of the Senior Director of Facilities Services, individuals may have carpet installed on a permanent basis, provided the carpet meets university specifications and its ownership is transferred to the university. The carpet will then be considered university property. Normally, because permanent installation damages floor tile beyond repair, carpet once installed will not be relocated even if an individual is reassigned to another office.

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