Emeritus Faculty

Recommended By
Academic Senate
Judy K. Sakaki, President
Issue Date
Tuesday, June 1, 1993
Current Issue Date
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Effective Date
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Contact Office
Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs
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  1. Preamble
    Emeritus(a) is a designated honorary status in the faculty. Primarily, this status is reserved for individuals who have completed at least 10 years of service appointed as faculty at Sonoma State. Service is completed upon retirement or conclusion of service in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP). The following terms shall denote Emeritus status of the aforementioned classes of faculty: Athletic Coach Emeritus, Counselor Emeritus, Librarian Emeritus, Professor Emeritus, and Student Services Professional-Academically Related Emeritus. Since emeritus(a) is a faculty status (i.e., membership in the faculty), it is recommended by the faculty and appointed by the President.
  2. Definitions
    1. Faculty: Unit 3 Faculty appointments are defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the California Faculty Association and the Board of Trustees of the California State University. Additionally, at the request of the individual, the Senate could consider SSU faculty whose 10 years of service as appointed Unit 3 faculty included time at other academic institutions, or who retired from another academic institution but who served at least 10 years of service as appointed Unit 3 faculty at SSU prior to retirement.
    2. Year of Service: For faculty with academic-year appointments, 1 semester equals .5 years of service, and 2 semesters equal 1 year of service. For temporary Unit 3 faculty (lecturers), 20 semesters-not necessarily consecutive-qualify as 10 years of service. For faculty with 10- or 12-month appointments, employment of a minimum of 10 months within the July 1-June 30 year equals 1 year of service.
  3. Qualifications for Emeritus(a) Status
    1. Any retired Unit 3 faculty with at least 10 years' service may qualify for emeritus (a) status.
    2. Any Unit 3 faculty retired prior to approval of this policy who has not previously been awarded emeritus(a) status may be appointed to such status retroactively to the date of their retirement.
  4. Procedures
    1. At the beginning of each semester, the Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs shall publish to the Faculty Affairs web site and present to the Academic Senate the current list of faculty retired since the beginning of the previous semester.
    2. The Academic Senate shall consider and then recommend retired faculty members for appointment to emeritus(a) status, unless the individual faculty member asks otherwise.
    3. The President shall appoint retired faculty to emeritus(a) status at the rank held at the time of retirement and shall publish their appointment to the campus community.
  5. Privileges and Honors Attendant to Emeritus(a) Status
    1. Emeriti(ae) shall continue to enjoy, as statutory regulation and institutional resources permit, the professional privileges of faculty (e.g., assigned office space; access to University services, facilities, equipment, materials, activities, and listings). In addition, they shall have access gratis to University events, performances, and parking as circumstances permit.
    2. Emeriti(ae) at the time of their appointment shall be publicly and privately honored as feasible and deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.

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