Construction of New Buildings and/or Structures

Recommended By
Administration and Finance
Ruben Armiñana, President
Issue Date
Thursday, December 10, 1998
Current Issue Date
Tuesday, February 9, 1999
Effective Date
Thursday, December 10, 1998
Contact Office
Facilities Services
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  1. Scope
    This policy and procedure shall be followed for proposals for the construction of new buildings and/or structures, whether temporary or permanent, at all locations owned, leased, managed, or operated by the University or any of its auxiliary organizations.
  2. Purpose
    The purpose of the Policy is to
    1. ensure compliance with the Campus Master Plan and established campus planning procedures;
    2. ensure a systematic and consistent procedure is followed in the development of proposals for the construction of new buildings and structures, including:
      1. placement;
      2. design;
      3. materials and workmanship;
      4. furnishings and equipment;
      5. maintenance, utilities, and operating costs;
    3. establish a coordinated planning, health, safety, regulatory and code compliance review process for responsibilities performed by various departments and committees on campus.
    4. provide proper technical expertise to those developing such proposals, including compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations regarding construction, environmental health an safety;
    5. ensure that the full expense of the project is identified and that the necessary funds are authorized by the appropriate administrator before initiation of the project; and
    6. ensure that approved projects are completed within budget and within a construction period responsive to the needs of the applicant and feasible within the limitations of Facilities Services.
  3. Procedures
    1. Any department wishing to undertake a project to construct a new building or structure should first confirm that the proposed location, usage, and general design elements are consistent with and shown on the current Campus Master Plan, by consulting the Director of Planning, Facilities Services, Division of Administration and Finance.
    2. The proposing department should provide the Director of Planning with a written description of the proposed project and a preliminary sketch which identifies the physical location of the proposed construction, modifications to vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns required to access the site, along with major design elements--square footage, footprint, elevation, exposed exterior materials (roofing, wall cladding, etc.), and a preliminary delineation of interior space divisions and utilizations, including furnishings and equipment required for utilization of the proposed building or structure.
    3. Working with the proposing department, Facilities Services will evaluate the preliminary proposal and assist in developing a formal Project Proposal which addresses the following issues:
      1. technical feasibility, including regulatory and code requirements;
      2. technical advisability;
      3. aesthetic and design standards appropriate to the project and to campus facilities;
      4. cost of construction, operation, maintenance, and utilities;
      5. schedule for initiation and completion;
      6. furniture and other movable equipment requirements; and
      7. safety implications.
      8. Consultation for preliminary plans and/or development of the formal project proposal may require extensive involvement by Facilities Services and may therefore accrue administrative overhead costs. Such costs shall be borne by the initiating department. Funding for advance planning and plan development shall be identified and committed by the department prior to the onset of work by Facilities Services.
      9. Alternatively, departments may submit formal proposals developed by external consultants when required or appropriate, in which case Facilities Services shall provide final specification, plan, compliance review services, for which it is authorized to charge an administrative fee. Funding for these services shall be identified and committed by the department prior to the onset of work by Facilities Services.
    4. In completing its analysis of the project, Facilities Services, working with the department, will coordinate the above project aspects with the following individuals or their designees:
      1. the Senior Director, Facilities Services;
      2. the Senior Director, Human Services;
      3. the Senior Director, Financial Services;
      4. the Fixed Assets/Property Accountant, Financial Services; and
      5. the Associate Vice President, Information Technology.
    5. Facilities Services will prepare a formal project estimate, including the following project costs:
      1. labor;
      2. materials;
      3. CSU overhead costs, consisting of
        1. 2% of total project cost for Risk Management and
        2. 2% of total project cost for projects costing $1 million or more for system-wide administrative overhead;
      4. SSU administrative overhead, calculated at
        1. 10% of total project cost for projects costing less than $1 million,
        2. 5% of total project cost for projects costing $1 million or more; and
      5. construction contingency of no less than ten percent (10%) of projected costs.
    6. Based upon the project budget proposal developed or reviewed by Facilities Services, Financial Services will assist the proposing department in developing a financing mechanism appropriate to the project and to the funding sources available to the responsible department. Alternative funding mechanisms may include the CSU Capital Budget, internal or external financing, direct- or lease-purchase. Included in the financial analysis are one-time costs (construction, furnishings, and equipment) and ongoing expenditures (operating, maintenance, and utilities costs). Financial Services is authorized to charge an administrative fee for its financial review services.
    7. Verification, Approval, and Implementation
      1. After completion of the formal project proposal, schedule and budget, Facilities Services and Financial Services shall provide written verification of the project proposal, schedule and budget.
      2. Following verification, the department shall identify the account and obtain authorization from the appropriate administrator responsible for the account to transfer funds to an account to be established for the project.
      3. The Director of Planning shall forward the sketch, description, cost estimate, schedule of work, authorization, and account number to the University President or his/her designee.
      4. The President or his/her designee, following verification of funding by the Vice President for Administration and Finance, shall notify the Senior Director, Facilities Services of campus authorization, the funding source to be encumbered, authorization to encumber funds by the appropriate administrator, and the project account established by Financial Services for the project.
      5. The Project will proceed according to the schedule developed above, after funds have been transferred from the requesting department to the project account.
    8. Changes in Design, Scope or Cost following Authorization
      1. Material changes to the Project's approved design, scope and cost which do not exceed ten percent (10%) of the cost of the project, and for which the appropriate administrator has provided authorization and a funding source, may proceed as soon as funds have been transferred from the department authorizing the changes to the project account.
      2. Material changes to the project's approved design, scope and cost exceeding ten percent of the cost of the project will require supplemental approval by the President or his/her designee and verification of funding by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

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