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Ad Hoc Library University Archives Policy Committee
Judy K. Sakaki, President
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Thursday, January 28, 1988
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Wednesday, October 2, 2019
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Wednesday, October 2, 2019
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The Sonoma State University Library University Archives collects representative examples of SSU history. The Archives receives, processes, preserves, and makes accessible print and digital materials produced by SSU and its constituent parts that are of enduring value and that contribute to the historical record of the University. The University Archives does not collect or store campus records that are the official purview of the California State University records management program (see Exclusions section below).

Scope of the Archives

The SSU Library University Archives is not an actively curated collection, and should not be considered a complete historical record of university activity. The Library’s University Archives is separate from the records management functions of the University. See Exclusions below.

The SSU Library University Archives may include representative materials selected from campus entities, including examples of the following: 
General publications. May include academic catalogs, class schedules, handbooks, directories, commencement and performance programs, announcements, newsletters, brochures, and ephemera. May also include representative examples of CSU publications that pertain specifically to SSU.

  • Faculty and staff reports and publications. May include speeches, memos, and conference papers.  
  • Student publications. May include master’s theses, newspapers, periodicals, yearbooks, records of student organizations and activities, newsletters, and ephemera. 
  • Campus publicity. May include press releases, brochures, and advertisements of campus events and related community activities.
  • Affiliate group materials. May include publications of groups such as alumni organizations, student clubs, and interest groups.
  • Pictorial and visual materials. May include photographs and photographic negatives, videos, maps, art works, and architectural drawings.
  • Audio materials. May include recordings of speeches, events, and oral histories.


Collection of the following materials is out of scope for the SSU Library University Archives:


All acquisitions for the Archives must be approved by the Head of Special Collections of the University Library in consultation with the Collection Development Librarian and Library faculty. Unsolicited materials out of scope for the collection will be returned to their source.

Access to SSU Library Archives Material

All materials in the Library’s University Archives are available to the public to view by appointment. See the Library’s web page for information.

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